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Hi Sugam, My name is Amish, I have been reading you blog and its highly informative, thank you. I am in the process of creating a online market place and need help in creating the vendor dash board, do you think you can help me with that? I look forward to speaking with you my cell no. +91-98203 69100, thanks in advance and keep up the awesome work. 🙂 from Amish Sheth 10. November 2016

Hey Amish, I will try to answer any questions that you may have. Just shoot them to me here or to the email.

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Thanks a lot bro for the answer. Yours is the most relevant blog I have found on web till now. One more question bro- Does steep price and inventory change have any impact. If you feel so, then could you please elaborate from Shivansh 18. July 2016

I feel steep inventory change should not have effect, the ecosystem is not that mature yet. But steep price increase or decrease will definitely have an effect not because of algorithms but because of simple demand, supply, competition etc. etc.

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Hi, I sell on marketplaces in Clothing Category. Had some questions regarding listings and sales. 1.) Can ads increase the ranking of my products to a level where it can get enough sales and could be sustained? 2.) Have you any idea about Voonik listing algorithms? from Shivansh 18. July 2016

Hey Shivansh,

Am glad to know, someone out there is reading my blog 😀

  1. Yes ads can increase rankings of your products to that level but ads will not be the only factor, you have to make sure that those items are always in stock and the defect rate for those is another factor that determines ranking and product reviews also matter.
  2. Sorry I have not started selling on Voonik yet, so unless its completely screwed, all marketplaces typically have a balanced mix of same few factors that I mentioned in my post.
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How to get in touch with you Sugam over email? 26. March 2016

You can get in touch with me Sugam, by sending an email to this email hey at

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Why should I leave my email? 11. February 2016

You will get notified if & whenever I am able to answer your question.

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Will you leak my email address or spam me if I leave it here? 11. February 2016

Maybe, maybe not. Only one way to know :p

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Do I just post the question above? from Sugam Jain 11. February 2016

That would be a funtastic thing to do.

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Can I ask anything here? 11. February 2016

I say go for it.

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